Victoria’s Home-Style Restaurant

Victoria’s Home Style Restaurant used to be a fast food restaurant, serving hot sandwiches (which were also delicious!), but changed into a bar in 2018. You can find Victoria’s at the end of Main Street USA, next to The Gibson Girl and Discovery Arcade. The cosy interior of this place brings you back to the early 20th century. Their terrace is a relatively quiet place on Main Street USA, where you can relax, and if you’re lucky, maybe catch a parade or a show going on on Central Plaza.

So, let’s talk about their menu! The assortiment of 5 mini-pastries cost €8 and are totally worth the price because they are delicious! The pastries they offer sometimes change and you can also choose a plate of 3 pastries for €6. The milkshakes I’ve already tried are the Nutella Banana and Strawberry ones, they cost €10 and I can really recommend these. They also have seasonal milkshakes and milkshakes with alcohol (for €12). What makes this place a true bar is that you can also drink alcohol here without the obligation to buy food (as used to be the rule in the park). They offer beers, wines and champagnes.

More information about this bar and pictures are coming soon!

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